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Work Smarter, Not Harder

For more than 25 years, we've been helping our clients achieve greater success by helping them identify ways to improve their workflow and by creating tools that allow them to communicate more effectively, bring employees together, allows them to do their job more quickly and with greater efficiency, or are just plain cool. By working closely with our clients on a variety of projects, we've come to learn not only what they do, but how they do it. And often times this knowledge inspires us to create new tools that marry great design with thoughtful leading-edge technology.
Content-Rich HTML Email
Stay in touch by delivering highly sophisticated and easy-to-deploy email marketing campaigns to clients, partners and employees. It looks like a web page, but is received like any ordinary piece of email. The look & feel can reflect your company's brand and tie into other communications initiatives.

Advanced reporting metrics track how many recipients opened your HTML email, the number of bounced emails that don't get through to your recipients, click-through rates on embedded links, and much more. Plus, Formative will not only design the email template, but also coordinate the sending of the email to recipients.

Here are a few examples of our work in this area:
For more information about setting-up your own email or enewsletter campaign,
please contact us.
Online Graphic Standards and Asset Management
Now that you have a new corporate identity, how do you ensure everyone within the company uses the new mark? Where can they get the files they need to prepare presentations? Who knows what the new corporate colors are?
Putting your brand guidelines online ensures everyone (both employees and partners) consistently receive a dynamic, cohesive expression of your company's brand. The online guidelines can become a resource to enable everyone to create and manage communication materials, along with detailed information on proper usage and implementation.

Here is an example of our work in this area:
AXA Rosenberg Brand Identity Guide

For more information about setting-up your own online graphic standards, please contact us.
Custom Content Management Systems
We get asked many questions about the process of designing and building websites. One of the most frequent is, "Can you build us a site that we can update ourselves?". And while we continue to provide ongoing technical assistance, maintenance and support for the sites we create, we're also offer a variety of customized Content Management System (CMS) solutions. A CMS-enabled site allows clients to easily manage every aspect of their online content, from adding copy and imagery to updating page structure and site architecture. No knowledge of HTML or programming is required, and most people can learn how to use the CMS editing system in just a couple of hours.

For more information about Custom Content Management Systems or to see a demo,
please contact us.
Interactive Investor Kits
Many of our clients are small to medium sized public companies. Consequently, we work closely with professionals in Investor Relations to identify their needs and provide the tools to make their busy lives easier — from resume management and site integration with financial reporting agencies (like Thompson) to self-administered press release tools and investor kits.
Tired of collating stacks and stacks of materials for a shareholder meeting or conference? Why not put everything on CD-ROM instead of mailing boxes of materials around the country? You can put everything you need on one CD that potential customers and/or shareholders can view on their laptops — and the CD can link back to your website so the information stays fresh and viewers can get more information.

For more information about creating your own investor kit, please contact us.
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